Food festivals in india

7 Famous Food Festivals in India

Last updated on July 8th, 2018.

India and food are synonymous for me. I’ve met many Indians abroad, who were missing Indian food more than anything else. It works as well for a Delhite living in Mumbai, or a Mumbaikar living in Delhi. This is one of the reasons Indian cuisine is one of the most accessible cuisines across the world. It has as well SO many varieties. It will take months to try all the dishes, though you will skip something in any case. I have found some cool food festivals, that give a nice intro into Indian cuisine.

Restaurant Week India


Pricing is one of the most attractive points of this fest.  A 3-course menu can cost around 1000 INR per person. It is a very reasonable price considering these are the best restaurants that India has to offer. This festival gives a possibility to wider crowds to taste and appreciate the dishes, which they generally wouldn’t have taken because of the price at these restaurants. To sum up, if you want to try Indian cuisine from the best chefs in the best of the restaurants, then you should not miss Restaurant Week fest.

National Street Food Festival


It’s hard to fully appreciate Indian cuisine without giving a try to Indian street food. To savor street food with less chaos and more hygiene, you can pay a visit to Street Food Festival organized by NASVI (National Association of Street Vendors of India). It brings all hidden food gems of India under one roof. You just think of your favorite street dish and it will be here. Paratha gullies, chat corners, golgappa bazaars bring parathas, kachori, samosa, dosa, jalebis, papdi chaat and what not! You can see the real India, the way Indians eat, behave and what people talk while eating local dishes.

Bandra Wine Festival


More details about Bandra Wine Festival can be found here.

International Mango Festival


Some of the best chefs in India showcase their signature dishes made from using mangoes. There are hundreds of varieties present at the festival, though I’ve never managed to try more than nine in one go.  You can also buy a mango plant here.  The buyers from abroad can find sweet business opportunities here. More information about Mango festival here.

Sula Fest


More information about Sula Festival can be found here.

Palate Festival


Everything is followed by live performances by leading artists of India. In Goa, the fest has joined hands with the International Film Festival of India (IFFI). This is the event for film and food enthusiasts. Palate will be creating a food village opposite to INOX where film screenings will take place.

A mini Palate Fest took place in New Delhi in February 2016 where different brands will offer their tasting menus & signature dishes to try.

The Gourmet High Street


The Gourmet High street conducts tasting sessions. They give a chance to people of all ages try new drinks with tips on mixing, glass selection and serving techniques.

Beyond these seven food festivals, there are many other events which are worth going to.  If you have been to any festival mentioned here or you feel some other important event is missing, I will be happy to hear from you.