Last updated on September 13th, 2016

Welcome! I’m glad you visited this page to find out more about me and this blog.

About me

My name is Natalia, though you can call me Taya or choose any other of 84 derivatives of my name. I am a wannabe freelancer with periodical behavior tendencies to try something new. Since childhood, I was interested in different cultures and traditions. Different programs, jobs, conferences and internships helped me partially realize my dreams and see the world. Professionally, I see life in schemes: I love organizing, planning and analysis (Horoscope note: I’m a Virgo – people say it’s our specifics). During my school years I’ve gained a musical background, that always fights for creativity. I’m learning to balance 🙂

Why blog?

Reading books and learning new skills are some of the most interesting activities for me. Moreover, I have put a personal challenge to improve writing skills. I believe writing helps to structure thoughts, express information coherently, and develop analytical thinking. Moreover, these skills are directly related to my work. As “learning by doing” has worked for me perfectly well throughout many years, I’ve started this blog. Besides writing, I am also exploring different ways of online marketing.

Why travel & lifestyle?

I believe, traveling and living abroad is the area where I can share useful information with you. I started traveling at the age of 18 with different exchange programs, conferences, work, and study tours. They varied from two weeks to up to two years.

I love visiting new places and getting into culture specifics of each. I gather tips and stories from local people to understand their lifestyle better. Living among locals help me experience their way of life to the certain extent , and helps me appreciate their way of thinking. That’s why people often call me the “local foreigner”.

From here comes the name as well: Mytriphack (local foreigner was already taken). On this blog I often share tips and hacks, that help you travel comfortably on a budget. Though I’m planning to write about different experiences, my main focus as of now will be about India and subcontinent and Eastern Europe. As I post quite rarely, if you have any questions about those areas, I will be happy to to share tips and help you out. Feel free to get in touch.

Why India?

India was one of my dream destinations since childhood due to numerous movies I’ve seen and books I’ve read about this country. First time I came to India with hopes to find answers to many pending questions in my life. Well, I didn’t! But somehow it happened that through its randomness and diversity, while crushing all the standards ever existent in my head, India gave me another perspective.

When you live in a country for a longer period of time, your experience differs from a touristic one. I stayed in India for almost two years and discovered different aspects of it. I’ve gone through many stages of a love-hate relationship with India. Those butterflies in the stomach in the first few months while discovering so many new things. Then core adaptation when I got drowned in the social reality of the country. At the same time, I started experiencing the technological progress and immense market opportunities.  There were certain contrasts, that I couldn’t imagine combined in one picture. I was hungry for new information that pushed me meeting more people, travelling and discovering more. I wanted to find the understanding and make a change.

I’ve learned many lessons that left an impact on my Indian experience, like, managing to cope up with my allergies and adjusting to the local lifestyle, or discovering many companies that make your life simpler and better in India in a certain way. I found many things that normally get skipped by tourists and I want to share those tips with you so you can have a better experience in India.

Want to get in touch?

You can find me on FacebookTwitter or if you have any idea, question or suggestion just drop a message) I will be happy to hear back from you.