Boston skyline

Boston in 2 days – itinerary and guide I wish I read

As a person who spent most of her life in Europe, shifting to the USA brought so many contrasts to my life – different food habits, culture (yes, despite being home to so many immigrants – there are distinct cultural norms and habits that you need to get used to), shopping style, transportation system – you name it. It’s not better or worse – it’s just different.

Boston was the first city I’ve visited that brought me a homey feeling. As a European, one of the main challenges I face in the USA is the need for a car and a driving license. One of the reasons I fell in love with Boston – it is such a pedestrian-friendly city!

Sim Card in India

How to get a local SIM card in India?

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Rishikesh in monsoon

How to do Rishikesh right?

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How to plan one day in Copenhagen?

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Cost of travel in India

How much does it cost to travel in India?

Cost of travel in India is a matter of perspective. Some explore the country on 1500 INR a day (~20 USD) and call it budget backpacking, other under 600 INR (~8 USD). Some people wouldn’t mind spending over 10k INR (~150 USD) per day for a high-end experience – and India has many unique experiences … Read more

Best time to visit India

Best time to visit India – guide to seasons

India changed my perception of the seasons of the year. As a person who spent most of her life in the countries with four seasons, it was hard to adapt to the Indian climate and seasons initially. For instance, when I was offering my Indian friends to plan a trip in autumn, they were double-checking … Read more