Work and volunteer in India

Expat in India: things I wish I knew before moving to India

India is one of the top 10 economies in the world. Its fast development, startup wave of the 2010s and growing middle class brought many international eyes to this market – from VCs to corporate giants, from startups to independent professionals looking to enhance their resume. If you landed on this blog, chances are, I … Read more

Old Delhi neighborhood

5 travel habits that will make you hate Delhi

Delhi is a special city for me since I was living there for a longer period of time and was involved in the different aspects of the big city life. After the first year, I have started feeling myself a Delhiite (cough, *too bold claim*, cough), partially, due to the fact, that my friends treated … Read more

How living in India has changed my life for better

Living in India is a life-changing experience. This country is a great teacher with a plethora of tests and lessons ready for its visitors. I came to India three years back for the first time with high aspirations to make a change here. Little I knew how this country is going to change me and show … Read more