Bara Ahnik Mandir

Heritage temples & palaces in Puthia and Natore

If you are into architecture and history and plan to visit Bangladesh, your best bet will be Western Bangladesh, where is the highest concentration of heritage places. Another destination for architecture lovers is Sonargaon – the medieval capital of Bengol, but let’s leave it for a different story. Today, I’d like to talk more about … Read more

Sonargaon museum complex

Sonargaon – a medieval capital of Bengal

History and heritage sites are the open windows to the past of any country. Bangladesh, one of the most offbeat destinations in South Asia, has preserved both Muslim and Hindu heritage sites. Sonargaon, a city just one hour away from Dhaka, gives you a peek into the history of this medieval capital and how different … Read more

Dzukou valley view

Dzukou Valley trek by yourself

Dzukou Valley is one of the gems in North-East India on the border of two states – Manipur and Nagaland. Despite it is a less explored area in India and there is a lack of information about this region, there is a huge scope for independent travelers to enjoy the untouched nature there. In this … Read more