A story of a man selling tea

Gratitude is one of the hardest life skills to master. When I meet people who tend to appreciate small, daily things, they have an invisible solid base for their future actions.

DSC07111Meet Sanjay Singh – a man who has been working and earning money since he was 5 years old. He started with selling toffees, pan and eventually tea for last 35 years of his life. Due to financial restraints since childhood he had to focus on work to help his relatives, thus, he didn’t manage to get the education. Sanjay reached from an employed kid from the streets to managing his own tea corner. He proudly shows the certificate from the Government of India that legally approves his activity.

He is a poor man, which is quite evident from his roadside stall and his clothes. It doesn’t matter whether poverty line of India considers him poor or not.  The daily goal of his life is to finish the milk he brings with him every day for making tea, and the long-term goal is to earn money so that he can give his son the education that he himself didn’t get, and help him fight the medical disease.

Despite all the challenges, Sanjay tells he is thankful that his daily work allows him to help his family. A great spirit of a simple person with a mission to give his son more privileges and future perspectives.

I believe everyone should practice gratitude. It’s not about what you are lacking, but what you already have. If you have food, clothes and place to call home, you are already richer than 75% of the population.

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