4 Reasons to Love Solo Travel

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There is this special feeling in solo travel: you start noticing and appreciating small details of the journey. Looking back to most of my life changing adventures, I realise they have often started alone. I booked a ticket to a new destination, packed my life in 20 kg and hopped into the plane. I met many people travelling solo on my way and with some of them, I’m still in touch. There are certain things I like about travelling solo:

Getting adapted to a new place faster

Whenever you are in a group, you stick to a certain programme of a group. Whenever you are alone, there is an urge to make contacts, explore and build your life in a new place. There is an untold understanding: either you make things happen or no one.

Getting along with locals

Whenever travelling alone, there is more chance to connect with local people in a special way. There will be many meaningful one-on-one connections: whether a random lunch buddy you met in the café or a hostel manager or a driver of a cab with a new story of local reality. You will discover how hospitable local people might be.

You are the master of your own experience

When travelling alone you can tune your trip the way you want it starting with accommodation to daily activities.  It’s up to you to sleep in a tent or in a 5-star hotel, to visit a palace or to sit near the lake all day long. Basically, you are skipping all discussions on the money and planning topics that very often create problems in any relationship.


When you are alone in a new place you can discover yourself from a new side. People tend to change psychologically while speaking another language or being in a new environment. With a fast pace of life nowadays we are always running from one place to another to manage everything. Sometimes it’s useful to take a break, stop for a while and understand yourself. There are always important revelations coming to me after spending some time by myself.

I watched one amazing video by Rough Guides some time back about travelling solo! It actually managed to portray the feelings while travelling solo. Hope you enjoy it!

“Solo Travel not only pushes you out of your comfort zone, it also pushes you out of the zone of others expectations” – Suzy Strutner

What about you? How do you prefer to travel?

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