Best markets in India

12 Traditional Indian Markets to Explore

Local markets in India are one of the most authentic experiences. The sounds, crowds, materials, artisans and fine stories are combined in one place giving the feel of the country. I have attended several sales workshops in Europe, though I keep recommending traditional markets in India for a practical experience. You will learn the finest … Read more

Mumbai CST station interiors

8 Train Apps that make your travel in India better

Indian Railways is the lifeline of this country. It has an expansive network which carries over 23 million people daily – more than the population of Netherlands and Denmark combined. If that’s not enough for you, then just imagine if Indian railway tracks could be laid out in one straight path, they would circle the … Read more

Food festival in India: traditional food, street food, restaurant food

7 Famous Food Festivals in India

India and food are synonymous for me. I’ve met many Indians abroad, who were missing Indian food more than anything else. It works as well for a Delhite living in Mumbai, or a Mumbaikar living in Delhi. This is one of the reasons Indian cuisine is one of the most accessible cuisines across the world. … Read more

eating healthy while traveling

12+ healthy breakfast recipes anyone can make

Food is one of the main aspects for me while traveling. Maybe it’s because I deal with a few allergies or as with each year, I give more importance to health. Though I love eating outside whenever I travel, I start craving for home-made food after a while. Moreover, eating healthy while traveling is important. One eternity back, … Read more

Solo travel, sea

4 Reasons to Love Solo Travel

There is this special feeling in solo travel: you start noticing and appreciating small details of the journey. Looking back to most of my life changing adventures, I realise they have often started alone. I booked a ticket to a new destination, packed my life in 20 kg and hopped into the plane. I met many … Read more