Golden Temple Karnataka

Bylakuppe – the biggest Tibetan Settlement in South India

Many people associate all Tibetan with Himalaya, mountains, snowy peaks. If you are remotely interested in Tibetan culture, most probably you’ve heard of Dharamshala – the biggest Tibetan settlement in India, where Tibetan government resides. Nevertheless, there is another small town in India which is important in Tibetan culture, yet people rarely talk about it. … Read more

St.Francis Church Goa

Goa Velha – exploring the heritage sites

Goa Velha is a historical district in North Goa that used to be a capital of Portuguese India. Despite Portugal was ruled by Spain, the Portuguese maintained the influence in certain areas of India for 450 years. As a result, you will see a cultural blend in cuisine, architecture, and traditions in these parts of … Read more