Mahabaleshwar waterfall

Places near Mahabaleshwar by bus

My entire Mahabaleshwar experience was about exploring the area in a different way. Despite taxi is the most popular transport to hire (and taxi drivers some people claim the only way to commute), it is quite costly (from my perspective as a person from a developing country). Moreover, taxis have fixed itineraries and if you … Read more

Delhi to Nepal by road

Delhi to Nepal by road: travel guide

Nepal is a country that left an immense impact on me – maybe that’s why I’m on a mission to share my experience that might help other people to visit this country as well. Moreover, if you are starting your journey from North India, Nepal is easier to reach than you might think. No doubts … Read more

Mumbai CST station interiors

8 Train Apps that make your travel in India better

Indian Railways is the lifeline of this country. It has an expansive network which carries over 23 million people daily – more than the population of Netherlands and Denmark combined. If that’s not enough for you, then just imagine if Indian railway tracks could be laid out in one straight path, they would circle the … Read more