How to get from Copenhagen to Malmo?

Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark welcomed over 30 million passengers arriving only at the airport last year. In addition to city history and tourist attractions, Copenhagen is a convenient starting point to explore both Denmark and Sweden.

In fact, the distance between Copenhagen city center and Malmo (the coastal city in Sweden) is just 42 km or even closer if you start from Copenhagen airport. Both cities are connected by Oresund Bridge.

It was constructed back in 2000 and handles regular trains, buses, and cars daily. In this post, I will tell you in details how to reach from Denmark to Sweden by road and important details to consider while planning your journey.

Copenhagen to Malmo by train

There are regular trains between Copenhagen and Malmo. To be precise, every 20 minutes. It is convenient that one of the stops is Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup), hence you can hop on the train just after arrival if your final destination is Sweden.

It takes 35 minutes to reach from Copenhagen to Malmo by train. If you are heading to South Sweden for a while, I recommend downloading Skanetrafiken app. There you will find the best ways to commute in Skane, including traveling to Copenhagen.

How to purchase train tickets from Copenhagen airport to Malmo?

Copenhagen ticket machines
Here are samples of ticket machines in Copenhagen

There are several ways you can buy train tickets to Sweden:

Purchase tickets by phone through an app

For example, if you use Skanetrafiken, you can choose and purchase a ticket through the app even by paying with an international card. You can browse all the tickets without having an account, but if you are planning to purchase a ticket – you will need to register. Support team told me that it’s possible to use some foreign SIM cards from other countries, but I couldn’t find a specific list of countries. French number worked.

Note: if you buy tickets by phone, you will need to activate them either through the app or at the station. You will see several automatic points at the train stations where you can scan the QR code of the ticket and activate it.

Purchase a ticket in the automatic ticket machines at the station

If you start from Copenhagen airport, there are numerous red ticket machines located near the exit to train track number one. You can choose a destination and purchase a ticket by cash or card.

There are several consultants in red t-shirts who are kind enough to answer all eventual questions. There is already a date of purchase at the ticket, so you don’t need to validate/activate it by placing the date at the checkpoints.

Note: you need to take Oresundstag train if you are going to Skane district. There are a few popular destinations on the route: Copenhagen airport -> Malmo (3 stops, for city center, choose Malmo C) -> Lund -> Helsinborg.

You can buy either a single ticket, 24-hour pass or 30 days pass. There are first and second class tickets. A single second class ticket from Copenhagen Airport to Malmo Central costs roughly 11 EUR.

Alternatively, you can buy a rail pass targeting only Sweden, the whole of Northern Europe or even a big part of the EU. Among popular options: EU Rail Pass, Interrail, Rail Europe.

Copenhagen train station
Copenhagen train station

Money exchange in Copenhagen airport

If you are planning to use cash for buying tickets, you might run into a problem. If you start in Copenhagen, you can buy a ticket ONLY using Danish Krone. Denmark has its own currency and you will not be able to pay with EUR.

There are a few money exchange points at the airport, but their rates might be not the most favorable.

If you don’t have Danish Krone cash, I strongly recommend using a debit/credit card. You can purchase tickets with international cards with no issues (been there, done that). Plus, you will avoid changing money at the airport.

Copenhagen to Malmo by bus

There are several bus options that depart either from Copenhagen central station or Copenhagen airport (Kastrup). Though bus tickets are significantly cheaper, you might need to wait until the next bus. Check out the sample schedule at Flixbus or Nettbuss.

I used Flixbus several times while traveling in the EU, while Nettbus I discovered only in Sweden. Flixbus is a bit more pocket-friendly if we compare tickets from Copenhagen airport to Malmo.

Alternatively, you can also read more about bus 999 at Graahund bus. It takes around 50 – 60 min to reach from Copenhagen airport to Malmo by bus.

Copenhagen to Malmo by car

Copenhagen to Malmo pin
Found it useful? Pin it 😉

If you plan to travel from Copenhagen to Malmo by car, consider that there is a toll fee while crossing the bridge. Before renting a car, you need to confirm with the owner if it’s possible to drive the car outside Denmark and/or Sweden.

If you plan to cross the bridge twice or more times, it might be a good idea to get a Pass as the fees are high. There are discounts for crossing the bridge during certain hours. You can pay either by cash or by credit/debit card.

Read more about fees for crossing Oresund Bridge by different vehicles. The journey from Copenhagen to Malmo by car takes around 45 – 60 minutes depending on the traffic.

Other practical tips:

  • If you opt to go by train, choose the seat on the right in the moving direction of the train from Copenhagen. A big part of the road you will be underground. Otherwise, there are nice views of the sea and fields.
  • Please carry an ID card with you irrespective what mode of transport you choose. IDs/passports are checked at the border by police.
  • I’ve seen people traveling with bicycles on the train. If you are that type of person, consider it’s possible for an extra price.
  • Since you are planning a trip to Malmo, read my quick guide on how to spend a day in Malmo and interesting experiences there.

I hope this post will help you plan a road trip from Copenhagen to Malmo and beyond. If you know any other useful resources that can help fellow travelers, don’t hesitate to drop a comment or contact me. Happy traveling!

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