How to plan one day in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen – a cultural capital that combines design, innovation, fairy tales and quality of lifestyle (here comes a remark about Danish people who are some of the happiest on the planet). The city is stuffed with interesting experiences! Nevertheless, even one day in Copenhagen can give you a taste of Danish capital in gastronomic, cultural … Read more

Stortorget Malmo

How you can plan a day in Malmo, Sweden

Almost everyone knows about Copenhagen whether for its colorful harbor Nyhavn, a little mermaid or childhood stories by Hans Christian Anderson. Nevertheless, many people haven’t even heard about the neighboring Malmo which is just across the bridge from Copenhagen. Malmo is a fun place for a day trip as it has history, architecture, nature, museums, … Read more

Lund street

Lund – a charming town in Skane, Sweden

Lund is one of the oldest towns in Sweden. Located in Skane province in South of Sweden, it is known mainly as the education center. It is home to one of the leading Universities in the Nordic region. If you visit Lund as a traveler, you might find it as another charming and laid-back town. … Read more

Malmo bridge

How to get from Copenhagen to Malmo?

Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark welcomed over 30 million passengers arriving only at the airport last year. In addition to city history and tourist attractions, Copenhagen is a convenient starting point to explore both Denmark and Sweden. In fact, the distance between Copenhagen city center and Malmo (the coastal city in Sweden) is just … Read more

Rhodes ships

Rhodes guide – plan a trip to the island by yourself

Have you ever dreamt of visiting an island? Moreover, in one of the countries with the world famous heritage sites, rich culture and cuisine? That was my Greek dream. In school, I’ve read several books about mythology, ancient civilizations, the trade in Balkans – but it is a totally different feeling when you personally walk … Read more

Minsk music academy

How to spend a weekend in Minsk, Belarus?

Belarus is one of the countries that often gets overlooked by tourists. One of the main reasons is a lack of the world famous tourist place in this country, such as Eifel tower in France or Taj Mahal in India or Pyramids in Egypt. Another reason is a lack of tourism marketing. Even if you are looking … Read more